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Hermine Kurotowa

I drink and I forget things

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1 November
If you want to translate my fics, be my guest. Just tell me about it, so I can squee accordingly. BUT! Don't post or link my fics on sites that are not fannish, like Goodreads. They're fanfics, and I want them to stay in fandom.

This is my place, so be kind to me and my guests. Don't make me use my mom voice.

I don't own anything but the crinkles in my face and the stories in my brain. I'm just borrowing faces of people I'm secretly in love with and play with them. After, I'll put them back on the shelf.

Lovely header made by bt_kady, added to my journal with help of denig37

Okay, that's all folks. Now come and get some free hugs.

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