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Hermine Kurotowa

Feed the beast!

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1 November
I'm a fan of Supernatural and Jensen Ackles. That's why there will be stories about a green-eyed man and I want to speak plain English (no pun intented): I only own the stories, but not the persons. Jensen owns himself, as well as Jared owns himself. Oddly enough, these stories can only be told when the characters are green-eyed or brown-haired. So what does this say about me?

Have a look at my community musesheaven. It's a place for authors and artists, for supporters and everybody else who engages in fandom. It's all pairings, all fandoms though most of it is (at the moment) Supernatural related.

Lovely header made by bt_kady, added to my journal with help of denig37

Okay, that's all folks. Now come and get some free hugs.

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