Thank you!!

I had the bestest birthday on Friday :))) I had a few lady friends over with their kids and had tiny, delicious cake bites that Em decorated. We were chatting and laughing and the kids were destroying the living room. It was brilliant!

I got many congratulations that made me so happy ♥

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Thank you so much, every one of you made me a very happy bunny ♥



I wanted to thank everyone who was thinking of me yesterday and have a look at your lovely posts, but I'm wiped. It's 10 pm and I'm turning in. It's still this last week's stupid return to standard time that's messing with my sleep. At least I don't get up at 4am any more.

Goodnight, see you tomorrow. Love y'all ♥

Happy Thursday!

We don't celebrate Halloween though it's getting more and more relevant for young people and children each year. Next week is Feast of St. Martin, and it's a way bigger thing here where I live than Halloween.

Anyways, I want to pimp paperbackwriter's newest creation because it's brilliant!!!! I enjoyed it so much and am sure some of you will too. It's still on Payhip available until tomorrow before it will be moved to Kindle Unlimited. Please go and spend three dollars so that AJ can buy meds for her not so little doggy.

If you need some enticement, you can read The Wolf and The Pear's blurb here.

I'm so dead, dead, dead

Unfortunately, I can't order Radio Company (Steve and Jensen's) album since I don't have iTunes. I'm eagerly waiting for the announcement that it will be available on Amazon or elsewhere.

But now the song you get for preordering on iTunes dropped into my lap (literally) and I'm listening to it in a loop. It's sooooo GOOOOD!!!!!!

Happy belated Birthday!

Dear julchen11, dear amberdreams, I'm sorry I'm late to wish you a great birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day and actually got to eat some lovely cake.

(You don't know how glad I am that I have some of you on Facebook, too, so I'm not late for *everything*. On the other hand,
I think it's possible that Livejournal doesn't tell me everything I should know. I get blank notifications at least once a week. They're blank, nothing in them.)