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Life on Mars - Author's notes

Congratulations, you made it to the end of the story! I'm glad you're here. :)

And now you think how weird I must be to write for emancipation and against religion and gender suppression. But this is not what these notes are about.

I mean, I may be weird, but I'm also liberal, a non-Englsh native speaker, environmentally conscious, a meat lover, a man lover, vanilla, mostly nice, catholic and a believer. I'm bearing my heart to you to make you understand that the events depicted in the fic don't happen because I want to rage against male supremacy, but for the sake of the story and plot.

Actually, I wanted to write a sequel to my fic Bread and Blood. My muse, though, was not very cooperative, I had problems to flesh out the plot.

Then, at the beginning of the year, I happened to browse the spnkink_meme comments, which I seldom do because I just get overwhelmed by the amount of comments. That's why I usually use the Pinboard to find fills that are, uhm, not so kinky.

Anyways, that day in January I came across this prompt, my muse hit me on the head and yelled, This is it! THIS! *sighs* The prompt asked for hurt and abused omega!Jared in a camp - this made me think of A Monster by any Other Name, though, so I opted against this possibility and decided for a brothel instead. When I had to think about the reason why omega!Jared was forced to work in a brothel, my muse kicked it into high gear.

Did you know that the church was okay with prostitution because it was held to prevent the greater evils of rape, sodomy, and masturbation? I think I read somewhere that there were not only municipal, but also church brothels. This is a fact; I didn't made this up because I'm anti-church or antireligious - far from it!

Also the proof that Jared's parents found? Totally true. *nods* There are so many things in the Bible that are wrongly translated and there are even more that are misinterpreted - frequently in favour of the ruling class, the churches, or the males. (Did you know that this whole Virgin Mary thing stems from one wrong word? They translated the original Hebraic word 'alma' which means 'young woman' with the Greek 'parthenos' - virgin. So actually, Mary was a young woman, possibly a virgin, but maybe not - clearly not after giving birth. I learned this 25 years ago in school, but I found proof on Wikipedia, so it's true.)

Then I had to have a brilliant *coughs* plot twist to keep you readers on the edge; that's why Jared turns out to be a alpha. I would have been absolutely okay with him being omega, but that would have been borrrrrring, wouldn't it? See.

And why is the only black protagonist a baddie? That's simple: Originally, I wanted to have Rick Worthy as the bad guy because of his awesome performance of the alpha vampire in the show, but thruterryseyes took a current picture of Robert Wisdom, and he looked so menacing, I just changed the characters :D

In the world I built, there never was a native population in the Americas, so when Swedish sailors set foot on American ground for the first time, they met a vast land full of possibilities. Since no European forces ever conquered half of the African continent, thus never planting colonies, there never were African slaves forced to live and work on American plantations. The African States Union is a world power not to be underestimated; there's only a small number of Africans living abroad, because they don't have reasons to leave. (One way to hold the economic reins is restricting coffee farming; so offering someone a cup of coffee equals offering a glass of really expensive liquor in our world.)

Now my rant is over. I just wanted to let you know that I'm mostly harmless - but don't you dare to touch my chocolate stash.

Tags: a/b/o, bigbang 2016, fic, fic:life on mars, h/c, hooker!jared, hurt!jared, hurt!jensen, jared, jensen
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