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Hermine Kurotowa

Life on Mars (5/5)

Fic Title: Life on Mars
Author name: herminekurotowa
Artist name: thruterryseyes
Beta: jj1564
Alpha: junkerin
Genre: RPF, pre-relationship
Pairings: Jared/Jensen, Jared/OMCs, Jared/Jeffrey
Word count: 20,000
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: hurt!Jared, hurt!Jensen, institutionalised prostitution, underage prostitution, A/B/O dynamics, no knotting, mention of and implied non-con, non-consensual drugging, mention of mpreg. I can't think of more warnings, so just assume everything's implied somehow.
Summary: Jared would never have thought it was possible to find a soul mate in a state-owned brothel, but when he does, it will turn everyone's world upside down. But it's common knowledge that soul mates happen for a reason.

LOM CH 5A.jpg

Chapter 5

Jensen is stumbling down the stairs. He feels like his brain is fried, feels so very scared, though he doesn't know why. Sure, he has seen Jared being bend over, his hands fettered to a metal ring in the paved part of the backyard, but he can't imagine that they will see it through now that Jensen is almost there.

The ground floor hallway seems longer than the twenty meters it is and when he finally opens the door to the backyard, he has an unobstructed view of the spectacle, which means that he can see a crowd of two dozen people standing around the Punishment Place.

This barbaric device was customary in every institution and home that were proud of their lineage, though it is not used often anymore since the theocracy's foundation some one hundred and fifty years ago. It consists solely of a ring in the ground, a simple thing but meaning though a painful death for the delinquent.

The same moment Jensen's foot hits the backyard's pavement, his back tenses up in an excruciating cramp. He moves on though, because stopping would mean Jared's death.

Jensen doesn't know why his soul mate is in this situation, he just knows that he can't stop now.

He is doubling over with another cramp only a few meters before the group of people. The first omegas are noticing him already and make room for him. They whisper and murmur, but all Jensen can see is Jared's face smudged with tears and snot, and the blood on his shirtless back.

Jared's eyes are too wide and there are skies and stars contained in them when he looks up, straight into Jensen's eyes.
Jensen's heart stops beating.

The man wielding the whip is Wisdom, the black alpha, his arm raised. Cutting the air, the leather snaps and hurtles down towards Jared.

Jensen reacts and throws himself over the bound man, and the damn instrument of torture hits Jensen's suit jacket, ripping it open and cutting into the skin.

For a perfect moment, everything makes sense. Jensen can feel it in his bones; the pain makes him see what was hidden – Morgan, Wisdom, Jared; they're puzzle pieces sliding together to form a perfect picture. Unfortunately, the pain gets too much too soon, so Jensen's brain shuts down, taking the body into vacation.

LOM blue  divider 1.jpg

“He's a traitor,” is the first thing Jared hears as he slowly comes to.

He feels amazingly good, considering the circumstances, so he assumes they gave him better drugs than the usual ones. His back hurts nevertheless so he prefers lying on his stomach.

A strong need to find Jensen, to see with his own eyes that he is alright, is thrumming through him; he doesn't dare to move though.

Right behind the curtain surrounding his bed, behind the open infirmary door someone is talking. He can't see them and he would prefer them not to notice him, as the manner of speaking makes him believe that it is the Bogeyman.

Of course he knows that Bogeymen don't exist except in children's stories. Still, he is scared shitless of the black-skinned alpha who was the one doing the talking when he came to see Miss Samantha.

Jared would hide under the bushes beneath the window and listen in on their conversations. He didn't understand all the things that were said, but he understood the threats the alpha uttered and knew even at a young age that the promises he made were cheap.

Miss Samantha cried all too frequently after he left, so Jared would bring her a flower from the garden and she would hug him in return.

“I think he's just misguided.” That is Morgan's voice.

Jared's breath hitches – a usual reaction to the ex-director's presence since he took Jared's virginity at the age of fourteen and then sold said virginity to the highest bidder four times.

“We can't dispose of him now,” Morgan continues. “There were too many witnesses in the yard and this beta bitch called the sheriff. You hurt an alpha, that's a fact, even if it happened by accident.”

“I'm sorry.”

“Not your fault. Nobody could have foreseen that this fool would stumble straight into the whip stroke.” Morgan sighs.

“There's no way around, you'll have to confess. I'll bear witness and offer punishment in Ackles' name. You pay a small fine and that's over and done with.”

“And what do we do now?”

After a short silence Morgan says, “I'll have a talk with Ackles, you go ransack Sheppard's office, may he rest in peace.”
Jared can hear footsteps fading and then there is nothing to hear but his own breathing.

What did he just witness? A conspiracy to murder?

So Morgan and the Bogeyman are in cahoots together. But why would they want to see Jensen... the director dead? Or did Jared just get the conversation the wrong way? And apparently, he tried to kill Jensen... the director, though he still can't remember. The painful punishment he received is proof enough – and he is lucky to still be alive.

Why? What could be the reason to kill a man who was nothing but kind to Jared, who had started doing a great job on rearranging the Institute?

His head starts hurting over this jumble of questions. The rest of his body starts hurting too; his back, his hip that was dislocated quite some time ago, the other hip that got scratched up while being dragged over the floor, his wrists and arms where the Bogeyman's finger nails and the metal restraints at the Punishment Place dug deeply into soft skin.

The Punishment Place. Never would Jared have thought that this site would still be used, even less that he would be a very close witness to its horrid purpose. He always thought it was more like a vague warning than an actual instrument of torture.

Every newcomer is shown the Punishment Place and told how they still used it just a few decades ago, before the theocracy was founded, and how merciful the Alpha is to frown upon this means of punishment. However, there are whispers that a few times a year, omegas atone bloody and painfully for really bad crimes on sites like the one in the backyard.

And it is only now that Jared comprehends how close he was to dying – that he could be dead now if it wasn't for Jensen.

A shadow behind the curtain makes him recoil; the curtain rings clatter and then there is no fabric obscuring the only man Jared is longing to see,

“Jens-” he starts, but is cut off by a hard press of lips on his mouth.

LOM Chapter 5B.jpg

Seeing Jared with shining eyes and rosy cheeks makes Jensen lose control. He just has to kiss and taste him. Jared opens up eagerly to Jensen's probing tongue and so he finds heaven in the warmth of Jared's mouth.

Jared's lips and skin are soft under Jensen's hands; his hair is soft, as is his body in just in the right places, whereas it is firm in other ones.

When both are in danger of suffocating, they break apart; Jensen resting his head against Jared's brow and cupping his lower jaw, Jared gripping Jensen's upper arms as if he never wants to let go again.

“Are you okay?” Jensen asks, then thinks, Idiot! “I'm sorry. I know you're not okay-”

This time it is Jared's turn to keep Jensen from talking.

Jared is a damn good kisser and Jensen knows this is not his training kicking in, but this is all Jared. He is getting hard like never before over a kiss and if he doesn't stop he'll come in his pants like a horny little teenager.

He has to stop... any moment now... soon...

“We need to talk,” he says finally and Jared draws back, slightly frustrated.

“I know. But I don't want to,” Jared replies.

“Believe me, there are other thing's I'd rather be doing.” Jensen tries for some banter, but he'd really would prefer using his mouth for other things than talking. “Let's start with the main thing.”

Drawing a deep breath, he jumps in at the deep end; it's all or nothing. “You're my soul mate,” he says.

Jared's eyes are growing wide. He lets go of Jensen and falls back onto the bed.

“It's true,” Jensen hurries to reassure. “It's not a lie... or a ruse. We're soul mates.”

“I believe you,” Jared says and a beatific smile brightens his features. “It explains too much to not be true.”

They kiss each other again until Jared breaks lip contact and says, casting down his eyes, “But you need to know... I'm defective.”

“What do you mean?”

“I'm... I don't... I don't self-lubricate.”

Jensen chuckles in relief; for a moment he was afraid Jared would tell him about some illness or disability; but this is absolutely alright. “Of course you don't.”

Taking Jared's warm hands in both of his, he says in a firm voice, “Jared, you don't self-lubricate and won't be able to bear children because you're no omega. You're an alpha.”

Jensen's soul mate – that's a wonderful word, soul mate, and is Jensen a bad man because he's grateful that he doesn't have to tell his father that he's going to mate an omega? – is visibly trying to process this information that will turn his life upside down.

“I'm an... I don't...”

“They lied to you, Jared.”

He's cupping Jared's face because he needs to feel him, needs to know he's there, alive and breathing. Jared is leaning into the touch, equally eager to feel the reassurance conveyed through Jensen's warm skin.

“I don't know the reasons yet, but Jeffrey Morgan lied to you when he said you were an omega because you're not. The vitamins you take are in fact suppressing your physical development. You need to stop taking them instantly.”

A low gasp interrupts Jensen. “The doc? He was in on it, too?”

“Yes, but they forced him by threatening his wife and kids. He tried to help you, Jared, in a way. He told me everything before he died.”

“Did I really kill him? Did I really try to kill you too?”

Jensen gently wipes away Jared's tears that are threatening to spill. “You've been drugged, Jared. Somehow, they made you assault me, but the doctor interfered and was critically injured during the struggle. He atoned for his sins and died knowing that Alpha Above will forgive him.”

Alpha will, but Jensen won't; he can't condone the crimes Sheppard committed since they hurt a wonderful person, who happens to be his mate and soul mate. He doesn't know yet what else the doctor did, but the things he knows are enough to despise the man with a vengeance.

LOM moon divider 1.jpg

Jared's head is too full to notice his body's aches and pains anymore. Or maybe it's the painkillers kicking in. In any case is his mind too preoccupied processing the news.

He really did attack Jensen, his soul mate. He killed the doc who had deceived him for years. Morgan was the one who plotted against him initially and forced Sheppard to help him. The Bogeyman is named Wisdom.

And Jared is an alpha.

“You need to stop taking any drugs or vitamins; Sheppard said they may kill you otherwise.”

Jensen is sitting next to Jared on the bed, sharing body heat and air with him. He holds Jared's hands between his own, caresses and pets his fingers.

Jared doesn't know how to behave, now that he is an alpha. What's the difference between alphas and omegas besides biological distinctions? Omegas are said to be more feminine due to their ability to bear children, like betas. Most omegas he met in the Institute though are anything but feminine; Osric is badass, he could kick any alpha's ass.

And he only remembers kind and caring alphas visiting his parents – though the word is that alphas are sex crazy and molest innocent children if they don't get their rocks off. That's the reason for the existence of institutes – to keep alphas satisfied.

Occasionally, he thought whether these expectations on sexes were only mind constraints, but he never dared to voice his thoughts or discuss them. His eagerness at being locked away in the solitary cell was not as strong as the curator and wardens thought.

So he just lets Jensen soothe him since it seems to help him to keep calm in return.

“My friend Ruth is here to give me a hand,” Jensen says, “but let's face it, she did all the hard work searching files and records. She's a damn good physician and, if you don't mind, she'll examine you to prove that your physiology is alpha. We'll need a doctor's certificate to take legal actions of any kind.”

Jared nods; he's okay with a beta doctor examining him. It can't be worse than all the other exams and check-ups and treatments he got from Doc Sheppard. Then he frowns; the thought of legal actions never even crossed his mind. He doesn't know yet what to think about it, but there's still time to decide on that.

“I'll submit your release papers immediately,” Jensen says. “Ruth will take you to Boston until these Augean stables have been cleared. After, we'll see what happens.”

Alpha Above, he's going to leave the Institute that has been his only home besides his parents' house. There will be possibilities that haven't occurred to him right now, and the thought that he may have a life outside these walls leaves him breathless.

And all of Jared's sorrow and pain was caused by just one single man, Morgan. He was kind of a surrogate father during the first years at the Institute before he became...


“Morgan said he wanted to talk with you,” Jared blurts out, interrupting Jensen's eloquent description of the possibilities of Jared's future.

“Why, yes, he did this morning.”

“No, I mean, he was here just a few minutes ago, standing in the hallway. I could hear him talking, and he said he wanted to talk with you. I'm scared though that his understanding of talking may be different than the usual one.”

“No need to be scared, Jared. He has no more power over you, and he won't dare to hurt me.”

“But he already tried to kill you using me!” How can Jensen stay this calm with the possibility of another assassination? It's beyond Jared.

“Don't worry.” Jensen's hands cradle Jared's cheeks; they are warm and reassuring, life pulsing under the skin. “Soon, the sheriff will be here. Ruth called a friend of her that's related to a judge, and I called my friend Steve, who's a journalist, and don't forget about my family. Morgan can't hurt us.”

Jared can't help but gape. That's an army. “But how... why do you involve so many people? You'll ruin your life and career, just because of me.”

“Well, Jared,” Jensen says smiling faintly, “when I first thought this was all about defrauding the Institute and state, I didn't want to endanger my career; but now it's about abusing omegas to make money – and they hurt you. You were never meant to live as a public server; you should have gone to an orphanage, found a new loving foster home. What Morgan did to you is a crime I never dreamed of being possible and I still don't know his motives or if there are other victims. I need to see him penalized.”

Guiding Jared's hand to his lips, Jensen brushes a tender kiss on it. “I have to go now,” he sighs. “Don't worry, I'll send the nurses or your friends to keep you company. Morgan won't have a chance to hurt you.”

Jared nods and, with a last sweet kiss, Jensen leaves.

This is too much to understand. Half of Jared's life has been a lie and now, everything will change.

He will change.

He won't – he can't stay the same person now that he knows he is alpha – and he still can't believe it entirely. He believes though that Jensen is his soul mate; that fact is written in his heart.

Burying his face in the pillows, Jared breathes deeply; there is still some of Jensen's scent sticking onto the fabric, enough to make him happy and soothe his aching back.

Then, Jared's eyes are flying open; he knows someone is there.

It is the Bogeyman, Wisdom, standing next to Jared's bed.

LOM Omega divider 1 copy.jpg

When Jensen enters his office, Morgan is already there, sipping coffee like he was at home.

Jensen just had a talk with Ruth about their future actions; stating Jared's sex, where to take him once he is free, who to call. His mind is reeling with the possibilities that he can offer his mate now that he is alpha and the legal omega restrictions don't apply to him anymore.

Morgan's presence takes him by surprise; he would have wished for a little more time, but he'll make do.

“Senator,” he says coolly.

“Jensen,” Morgan replies and Jensen feels almost offended by the implied familiarity.

After hesitating at the door for a minute, he decides on sitting in the chair behind the desk; after all, this is still Jensen's office and he won't let get the bastard to him.

“Well,” he begins, “I assume your visit didn't obtain the results you were aiming for.”

Morgan's grin is smug, for lack of a better word.

“Yeah, maybe it looks like from the outside. But I assure you I haven't shot my bolt.”

“You tried to have me killed.”

The senator's face is a picture of indignant astonishment. “I'm hurt that you think so low of me. I'd never sin the way you accuse me of. Other than that, it was a server who attacked you and killed poor Doctor Sheppard.”

“I know for sure Jared has no motive to harm me nor the doctor; I'm positive we will detect drugs in the blood sample Doctor Connell took.”

“Ruth Connell?” Morgan responds derogatively. “She's just a beta bitch, no one will believe her.”

“I won't discuss her professional credibility with you, Senator. There's more proof of your crimes; Doctor Sheppard ensured to keep tab on them.”

The scowl darkening Morgan's features for an instant is balm for Jensen's soul. He leans back in his chair, trying to convey his determination.

Putting his still half-full cup of coffee on the floor, the senator crosses his legs and steeples his fingers.

”So, what do you want from me, Mister  Ackles? Money, an advancement? Power?”

“I want you to confess. I want you to say that you treated Jared Padalecki as a public omega server even though he is alpha and was only ten years old when he ended up in this institute.

“I want you to say that you bribed Doctor Sheppard into declaring Jared omega and suppressing his natural development with drugs that are dangerous to his health.

“But principally, I want you to tell me the reason. Why did you make huge efforts to have a little boy vanish into thin air, making him into someone he's not?”

Morgan is fidgeting in his chair; he seems to be uncomfortable and barely keeping his cool.

“If you stop stirring up this hornets' nest, I can make you rich beyond imagination. You can be a Senior Senator in less than ten years. Wouldn't you like that?”

Jensen doesn't need to even think a second about his reply.

“Yes. But I want to gain a position by my own efforts, not because you bribed me to keep my mouth shut.”

“Alright,” Morgan says, leaning forward and flashing his eyes at Jensen, “Let's phrase it differently. If you don't cease your struggles to drag my good name through the dirt, you'll be up against Beaver, and believe me, you don't want him to be your enemy.”

Holy shit.

“Holy shit. You mean Beaver as in Jim Beaver, Reverend Senior Senator Jim Beaver?”

LOM CHapter 5C.jpg

Jared scrambles back against the headboard, farthest as possible from the Bogeyman, breaking out in a cold sweat. Wisdom – he has a name now that makes him all human, but doesn't help Jared with being scared – is looking down on him unmoving with his dark eyes glistening in the low lighting.

“Wh-what do you want?” he stammers.

“You grew up very handsome,” Wisdom replies, but doesn't answer the question.

The comment makes Jared turn pale. If Wisdom has set his mind on raping him, he wouldn't have a chance.

“You know, it always hurt me to do this to you,” he says and sits down into the chair next to the bed. He stretches his legs and crosses his ankles casually.

“Yet you did.” Jared can't keep his voice steady, fear and apprehension bleeding through.

“It was imperative. Society's welfare was depending on your life, but Mister Morgan didn't let me kill you because he was enamored by your scrawny ass and big brown eyes. And then Sheppard made sure to never leave me alone with you.”

Jared's breath hitches. He's talking to an honest-to-goodness hitman.

“My life? B-but why...”

“You know whose fault it is that you're nothing but a glorified whore now? Your parents'! Those unrepentant heretics didn't want to see reason. They didn't listen to what I said; they even rejected Misters Morgan and Beaver's arguments. I'm sorry I had to kill them, but it was inevitable.”

Of all the questions swirling in Jared's mind, this one leaves his mouth. “But it was an accident...”

“That's what everyone thinks.” Wisdom is grinning smugly, sobering up soon though. “Believe me, I never wanted to hurt an omega child. Omegas are precious creatures; they're worth being cherished, but they need to know their place.”

“I'm not omega,” Jared breathes, barely audible over his own pulse beating noisily through his veins.

“You're not...?” Wisdom seems genuinely surprised.

“No, I'm alpha. Morgan and everyone lied to me.”

“Huh. Looks like you're not the only one he deceived.”

There is a short, awkward pause. The black alpha seems to gather his thoughts, then continues, “Well, the world changed a lot in the last ten years, with the beta rights movement's success and the omega copycats gaining momentum. And with Ackles prying into the affair, I don't see a reason to keep it a secret any longer. He will prove to the court that the Padalecki son is still alive, so you'll be able to come into your inheritance, and if I kill you, he'll inherit it since he's your soul mate. He's quite persistent when it comes to causing trouble, isn't he? You know, Doctor Sheppard kept proof about you and Mister Morgan's involvement hidden and Ackles found it.”

“What's this all about?” Jared dares asking. His life got tilted sideways and upside down for the second time in less than an hour, and he still doesn't know why.

Wisdom is looking straight at him, his dark eyes scrutinizing Jared until he starts fidgeting.

“Ah well, I don't think it will change a single thing. Everything's lost and the sky will come down upon us soon enough.

“Your parents found proof that the Book has been misinterpreted since the beginning. No evidence can be found in there that alphas are superior to the other sexes, and your parents compiled information until there was no doubt about it. Don't get me wrong, they weren't the first ones who found out about it, but they're the first ones finally succeeding in making it public.”

Shrugging, Wisdom adds almost like an afterthought, “Maybe time has come; it seems as if the Alpha wants us to fail this time, considering all the mistakes we made and the serendipities that occurred. After all, soul mates happen for a reason that you can't fight.”

For a minute, there is silence.

Jared is thinking too hard, jerking when Wisdom stands abruptly.

“Have a good life,” the alpha says and somehow he has lost the bigger part of his larger-than-life size, looking tired. “Know that this society's fate is on your shoulders now. Knowledge is power, use it wisely.”

He leaves Jared sitting on his bed, holding the shreds of his life in hands. In these remains though, there is a little bud, a new life, that strives to blossom.

LOM blue  divider 1.jpg

Impossible. Reverend Senior Senator Beaver is the theocracy's highest ranking man, apart from Presiding Pope Timothy Omundson.

The smugness returns in Morgan's smirk when he nods in the affirmative. Maybe he thinks the tide has turned.

“So you just dragged Beaver into this mess only to save your own sorry ass?” Jensen asks incredulously.

“I didn't drag him into it, it was his idea all along. We had to act in order to save the state, the church and the whole damn society from a bunch of heretics. He wanted to have Jared killed too, but I took pity on the little boy.”

Getting up from his chair, Morgan draws himself up to his full height, tries to tower over Jensen, but falls short on him. This trick never even worked from Jensen's father, so there is no reason it would work from the senator.

“You see, Jensen,” Morgan says, “if you choose this fight, you'll lose. You'll go against highest authorities risking damnation until end of time. So have a word to the wise: take the money I offer and run.”

Jensen leans back in his chair, a picture of calm and self-confidence.

“You see, Senator,” he says, “I always thought of myself as an honest person. If I'd take your money, I'm sure I'd never be able to look into a mirror. Besides, I wouldn't live long enough to spend a dime, not after what you just told me.”

Unfortunately, Morgan still withheld the motive for his and Beaver's nasty crime – and who knows who else might be involved – but it was enough. Jensen has what he wanted.

“Did you hear it, Ruthie?” Jensen calls out loud enough for Ruth in the en-suite bathroom. It has a door not only to Jensen's office, but also to his apartment so his friend could enter unnoticed and hide in the bathroom.

Opening the door, she enters the office.  As Jensen knows her, he can see the nervousness hidden under her composed appearance. Brandishing a phone, she says, “I heard it all, and so did Reverend Judge Miller on the phone and Sheriff Manns in the next room.”

Morgan pales. Clearly, he is in over his head now and with the information he just provided, he'll need a good explanation. A very good one.

The sheriff follows Ruth into the room. Obviously, he is uncomfortable with the situation, and who can blame him? He's a better law enforcement officer than Jensen thought since he approaches Morgan, saying politely but firmly, “Senator Morgan, I'm sorry to fulfill my duty, but I'm asking you to not put up resistance.”

Morgan's complexion is slowly changing into an angry blush; all he is doing though, is staring angrily at Jensen as the sheriff cuffs him and takes him into custody for abuse of authority and conspiracy.

Jensen is watching with an incredible feeling of satisfaction. There will be more charges against Morgan, Beaver, Wisdom and who knows who else involved in this complot. Maybe it means taking the government down, but Jensen will do it without batting an eye if it means keeping Jared safe. He can't imagine what will happen next, what scandals will evolve from his need to protect his soul mate. He will need all the help he can get.

Jensen needs to call his father.

“You just got the senator busted, Jensen,” Ruth says, taking his mind off things.

He can't help but smile at her, clasping her in his arms. “You've been helping me,” he replies.

“Yeah, well, if the shit hits the fan, I can still return to Europe. I have friends in Spain and Great Ireland that will help me get a good job. But you... all you've ever wanted was to be a statesman, and you just closed that door for good.”

“Yes, that's true. I dreamt of being a senator since I was a little alpha boy, but I never wanted to sell my soul on the way. That's just not happening.”

Ruth is looking up at him and smiles impishly.

“And so you risk a social and clerical and political revolution just because you're in love?”

Jensen smiles back. “Not yet. But soul mates happen for a reason and everyone knows that you can't fight it.”

LOM epilogue.jpg


“How is sex?” Osric asks, and Jared blushes a deep crimson.

His reaction is quite surprising, considering his past, but his relationship with Jensen is something he tries to keep private. Of course, talking only occasionally on the phone for almost a year doesn't mean Osric's curiosity has been satisfied sufficiently.

“Nice,” Jared replies, “it's... nice.”

Osric laughs like he never did at the Institute – unburdened.

Unintentionally grinning, Jared stirs in his coffee. Being Jensen Ackles' mate has its perks; he can have coffee now whenever he wants, and on some memorable occasions, Jensen even managed to include it in their own constructive recreation, but he still knows better than to tell his friend about it.

“How about you?” he tries to change the subject.

Jared's question makes Osric's eyes light up. “Regularly and hot.”

Eyes growing wide, Jared leans forward. “Do tell!”

Now it is Osric's turn to blush. “It's Matt. He's a great guy when he's not threatened by punishment.”

“Matt? But how... you can't rent as an omega couple, where do you live?”

Waving his hands, Osric explains. “Officially, we're both living with Misha, you know, the cook? He's relocating his business here, to Boston, and will set up a restaurant and a culinary school soon. He'll take everyone with him that wants to come.”


Osric chuckles. “Yeah, he employs half of our former co-workers. And when I've finished training, he's going to hire me as a fully-fledged accountant. And do you know the reason why he's moving to Boston?”

Jared shakes his head and takes a sip of coffee.


Sipping the brew is not a good idea; he splutters it all over his knees. “You mean, Ruth like in Doctor Connell? Misha and Ruth?

Osric's head is bobbing eagerly in affirmation.

Now that's some news; Jared can't help grinning. He gets serious though when Osric asks, “How about you guys? How about that job offer from Europe you mentioned last time?”

“We're going to move to Sicily in three months. PELEA, that's the Pan-European Law Enforcement Agency -” Osric nods, he has apparently heard of them, “they offered a commissionership to Jensen; they want him to build up a division to investigate and prosecute crimes against omegas all over Europe. And I can work with the victims as soon as I'm a fully qualified counselor.”

His friend looks at him, smiling happily about the future prospects that both of them never dared to dream of.

“You know,” Osric says lost in thought, “I'd never thought Jensen Ackles would change the lives of so many people, let alone take apart our nation, when he entered the Institute for the first time. You really never know why the Alpha chooses certain individuals as soul mates until it's obvious.”
LOM AO  divider 1.jpg

Jensen is working in his home office; he needs to complete different projects before their emigration, and working from home is safer, considering the last week's attempt on his life that Jared doesn't even know about.

That's another reason to accept the offer from overseas, his life is becoming more dangerous, and he can't expose Jared and his family to danger knowingly. It's only a few weeks more, then they'll be beyond reach of the ultraconservative Alphaistic Movement.

They don't want things to change, claiming that it is Alpha's Will how they are, even though it is a proven fact now that the supremacy of one single sex is only based on misconception and manipulation through the members of said sex. Jensen can absolutely understand where they come from; if it wasn't for Jared and a vast number of omegas that are hit hard by unfair laws – and if he'd never accepted the position at the Institute – he most likely wouldn't want changes either. Being a pampered alpha has a lot of perks, and who in his right mind would want to lose them?

But as it is, he can't wait for the trial to end, for this whole ugly cesspool to be cleaned and purged. Beaver, Morgan and their accomplices made the mistake of acting against an alpha. If Jared actually had been an omega, there would have been only minor repercussions, but since Jared is alpha and they committed crimes against hundreds more – as investigations brought to light – there is no way for them to go scot-free.

On the other side, there are many supporters that are alpha and perceive the social conditions as unfair on omegas and betas the same way as Jensen does. And that is the thing that gives him hope: that most people are decent enough to relinquish their comforts in order to make other people's lives better.

There's a knock on the office door and Jared enters without waiting for him to respond. He always seems to know when to enter without being asked, but of course that's easy due to their bond. There's always this gut feeling that says how the other one is; by now, Jensen has learned to take no notice of it when working though, otherwise he'd never be able to get anything done.

Jared strides leisurely through the office, his pants riding low on his hips. There's just this stripe of skin visible, and Jensen's mouth goes dry.

He still can't believe how gorgeous Jared is. Since his ordeal, after discontinuing the medication, he grew more than an inch and filled out some. He's not the lanky, malnourished boy anymore that he once was, but a tall and healthy man.
He sits down on the edge of the desk and leans down on his arms behind him, waiting for Jensen to react.
Jensen complies gladly, moving between Jared's long spread legs and gripping his hips with sure fingers.

“Your parents will be here in an hour and a half,” Jared says.

“I know.”

“I want to take a shower.”

“Hm,” Jensen hums and nuzzles at Jared's neck and chin, breathing in that intoxicating scent that is all Jared and home and mate.

“I thought about getting dirty before so it's worth it.” Jared grins

Jensen blinks at him, taking in that sweet smile and the glistening hazel eyes. He can feel Jared's lust as well as his own in his guts.

“I think I can help with getting both of us dirty,” he replies.


Notes by the author
Tags: a/b/o, bigbang 2016, fic, fic:life on mars, h/c, hooker!jared, hurt!jared, hurt!jensen, jared, jensen
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