Hermine Kurotowa (herminekurotowa) wrote,
Hermine Kurotowa

I swear...

... I just HAD to drink that half a bottle of wine. When I bought (how do you spell bought, like buyed?) it, I sad to Mr Fantastic, tHis is mine because it's all fruity and sweet, and did he listen?


He opened the bottle yesterday and bitched about how sweet is was. *EYE ROLL* So I had to drink the rest of the ladies' wine all on my own. What a hardship.

Okay, since I'm already posting...

When I was calling home last Sunday, Em told me that K was playing with a little toy car, talking to herself: Sam, Dean, car trunk and Drive faster. XDDD

Em went to the hairdresser on Thursday, she has really short hair now and looks gorgeous. *proud mom*

K is officially 95,5 cm now, which is average. Em was taller than 97% of the children of her age group.
Tags: mom stuff, more wine please
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