Hermine Kurotowa (herminekurotowa) wrote,
Hermine Kurotowa

Mom stuff

Some good stuff because the weather makes me do it. (It's half as bad when I don't look out of the window.)

jj1564 made it out of surgery yesterday and is quite fine \o/

Booked my flights to Rome and Birmingham last week. Got my eticket confirmation thingy for A16 yesterday so I'll be able to book a Jensen photo. dizzojay will join me in my J2 photo op and the_rant_girl will share my room.

I FINALLY finished some presents for JiB; usually they're only half-finished because something doesn't work out with printing the design on the fabric, but I want to go fix it later today.

I BOUGHT AN EMBROIDERY MACHINE YESTERDAY. There's a drapery shop down the street which is my happiness and nemesis (seriously, I try to avoid it but. I. Just. Can't). They have bargains on some sewing machines so I seized the opportunity. I'll be able to embroider anti-possession symbols everywhere without going to the copy shop. And of course I can have butterflies and little crowns on princess dresses now, too :B

Mr Fantastic finally decided on where to go for the summer vacations: the dutch North See coast, just half an hour from Amsterdam (Zandvoort, *nudgenudge* big_heart_june)

Doctor Who is on German TV! Five days a week, two episodes each day.They air Season five, the eleventh doctor, which is a premiere on free TV (don't know about pay TV, maybe they were first). This means K is partly watching with me (though I don't like it) sitting sometimes under the table and sometimes cheering on the alien space ships. She already knows the show from the Tardis' noise. A fangirl in the making?

I have half of my Big Bang, 10,100 words. I'm absolutely in love with the world I'm building, but coming up with the bureaucracy things is a bitch *wipes brow*

I'm procrastinating with reading paperbackwriter's brilliant fic Gazes Into You. It's worth every word that I don't write myself.
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