Hermine Kurotowa (herminekurotowa) wrote,
Hermine Kurotowa

Happy birthday locknkey!

Dear locknkey, I'm wishing you the most wonderful birthday! ♥♥♥

Unfortunately, I'm too wiped out to make a proper birthday spam that you deserve. Let me tell what we did today.

Everybody else, don't read when you're not Lock!

It's carnival season. This means on Thursday, everybody masquerades and gets hammered. After surviving Friday and Saturday, they attend street carnival on Sunday: they masquerade, stroll about the downtown streets and get hammered. On Rosemonday, there's the huge carnival parade with different kind of floats like these:

Sweets are thrown into the crowd and later, everybody gets hammered.

In some districts, there are a few minor parades NOT on Monday. And today, we attended one.

K was dressed up as a lady bug (classic toddler costume), I just donned some curlers and the ugliest bath robe I could buy for a tenner (typical I don't know what to don costume), Em was an Eleventh doctor in disguise (just the button-up and bow tie under her usual winter jacket), and Mr Fantastic as my husband (he REALLY hates to masquerade himself).

I could sit with K in a Bimmelbahn similar to this one

and we had a LOT of sweets to throw. K ate most of them. When the little train got under way, she screamed to everyone, Bye! Next time! XD The actual call is Helau!, and there's no translation.

We threw sweets by the box and screamed Helau! until we became hoarse.

While everybody else was getting hammered, K took her nap in her pushchair on the way home and the first thing I did at home was taking a nice hot bath.

I had whole-grain pasta for dinner and way too much red wine. I feel like this at the moment:

Dear locknkey, I hope you understand that I'm just not able to make a regular birthday post. Love you ayway. ♥

Tags: birthday, family and the rest of me
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