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Artist's Claiming Post!

Okay guys, there are so many wonderful and talented artists on my flist, certainly there's one or two out there whose muses want to collar some gorgeous men :B You can choose prompts for SPN, Teen Wolf, Stargate, Avengers, and more!

Originally posted by phantisma at Artist's Claiming Post!

Okay everybody, here it is. What will follow under the cut are all of the claimed prompts including the author's summary if I have received it. I will update with the summaries when they come in.


By claiming one of these prompts you are agreeing to make "art" to accompany a story. Around here we use the word "art" pretty loosely. You can make manips, you can paint, draw, sculpt, sing us a song, play trombone, dance a jig or a mambo, etc...as long as it is something you can post to DW/LJ.

Your "art" should fit the overall story and yes, I'll be hooking you up with the author so you can talk/hang out/pick each other's brains/meet for coffee/stalk/otherwise collaborate on the work. Remember that this is adult material. We are talking about slavery and in general the stories are looking to be good, adult stories to do with...well, slaves, and all that entails.

Some are consensual. Some are less so. Please choose wisely.

Prompts are assigned on a first come, first served basis. If we fill all the prompts with artists and we still have artists who want to art, we may open up for a reverse exchange and let artists pick from the unchosen prompts and have authors come along and write stories to go with that art after this exchange is done.

Okay, so ARTISTS! What I need from you: (with examples)

LJ Name (for easy copy/paste): artsyperson
Email: me@artsyperson.com
1st choice prompt #: SGA1
2nd choice prompt #: SPN5
3rd choice prompt #: TW1

That's it! Are you ready?

Avengers Prompts
Master(s): Tony Stark
Slave(s): Bruce Banner
Primary Prompt Phrase: Control is always important where Bruce is concerned.
Secondary Prompt Phrase:
Author's Summary:

NCIS Prompts
Master(s): Gibbs
Slave(s): DiNozzo
Primary Prompt Phrase: Tony isn't always a Good Boy.
Secondary Prompt Phrase: But Gibbs knows how to train a headstrong pup.
Author's Summary: Being labeled – not compatible for ownership and untrainable is not a good thing for any slave. For the 28 year old Tony DiNozzo it means the end of the road, and he will be locked up in a tiny cell until the day he dies. Unless, his new owner Master Jethro Gibbs can finally break through to the younger man and train him to submit, becoming the perfect slave. And just in the process Gibbs might learn something about himself as well.

Stargate Atlantis Prompts
Slave(s): John Sheppard
Primary Prompt Phrase: on his knees, head bowed, wrists crossed behind his back
Secondary Prompt Phrase:
Author's Summary: When Colonel John Sheppard returns to Earth for a week's leave, he's hoping to rekindle an off again/off again thing he's had in the past, only to find that Cameron Mitchell has found himself a more permanent relationship, and Daniel Jackson has a few rules about sharing his pet. Intrigued, aroused and a little nervous, John decides to play along, and finds himself in the First Position more than once before he's due to head home.

Stargate SG1 Prompts

Master(s): Sam Carter
Slave(s): Daniel Jackson
Primary Prompt Phrase: cages and costumes
Secondary Prompt Phrase: chains and chastity
Author's Summary: Gagged and bound, Daniel is in one of his favourite places; kneeling at the feet of his Dominant. And, no matter how exhausted he is, when Sam wants to play she always gets what she wants

Master(s): Dean, OC vampires
Slave(s): Sam
Primary Prompt Phrase: 15-17 year old Sam is kidnapped by vampires as a blood/sex slave
Secondary Prompt Phrase: a decade later, Dean finds and rescues him
Author's Summary:

Master(s): Dean
Slave(s): Sam
Primary Prompt Phrase: Being the youngest means a life of servitude
Secondary Prompt Phrase: Being the oldest means taking care of what belongs to you
Author's Summary:

Supernatural RPF
Slave(s): Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki
Primary Prompt Phrase: Jensen takes the blame for something that Jared did
Secondary Prompt Phrase: Jared takes care of him in the aftermath
Author's Summary: Modern day slavery AU: Master Jeff was strict but usually fair. Lately, however, Jared's clumsiness angered him enough to threaten the slave with dire consequences, should Jared break something valuable one more time. Despite his best efforts, Jared screws up again, but Jensen takes the blame before their master finds out the truth. Severely punished for something he didn't do, Jensen can at least look forward to some TLC from his fellow slave.

Master(s): Jensen Ackles
Slave(s): Jared Padalecki
Primary Prompt Phrase: Jensen purchases Jared
Author's Summary: In a world where your status is your fate Jensen a Patrician gets his first serf; a young man named Jared. Jensen wants to be a good master. But is there something like a good master if you despise the whole system which pressed you into slavery?

Master(s):Jeffrey Dean Morgan and/or Jared Padalecki
Slave(s):Jensen Ackles
Primary Prompt Phrase:Happy slave training school
Secondary Prompt Phrase:Tips for a new owner
Author's Summary: Getting your first slave is a big part of growing up. And part of that is learning how to handle your slave, a process of failures and successes for both slave and owner. And at least Jared has ten classes ahead of him on his parents expense to teach him just how to handle his new property.

Primary Prompt Phrase:Jensen woke up on a stage
Secondary Prompt Phrase: Jared loved a good slave auction
Author's Summary: Jensen would gladly change places with Jared if he could. Jared likes Jensen where he is.

Teen Wolf Prompts
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Master(s): Sheriff Stilinski
Slave(s): Jordan Parrish
Primary Prompt Phrase: The curse wasn't so bad
Secondary Prompt Phrase:
Author's Summary: After ridding the town of the Dread Doctors and their beast, it seems like things will be quiet for Scott and his pack, and like Parrish will have time to figure out what it means to be a hellhound. But Parrish finds himself feeling more out-of-sorts than ever, and a witch's curse may be the real secret to helping him find his rightful place in Beacon Hills. Pairing: Jordan Parrish/Sheriff Stilinski

Primary Prompt Phrase:Everyone wants a werewolf pet
Secondary Prompt Phrase:to tame a friend
Author's Summary: Stiles finally has a pet werewolf of his own, a pup named Scott. Prompt: Everyone wants a werewolf pet. Extreme AU, a society were werewolves are known and kept as pets (slaves), dehumanization, collar/leashes, toys, plug tails etc… Mentions of other pairings: het and slash (m/m, f/f), along with other mentions of other master/slaves (pets).

Crossover Prompts

Suits/Star Trek (2009)
Master(s): Harvey Specter
Slave(s): James T. Kirk
Primary Prompt Phrase: collars, leashes, floggers, bondage
Secondary Prompt Phrase: bratty, cockrings, gags
Author's Summary: A bratty slave needs a lot of discipline to behave properly for his Master. (Possibly a holodeck-style/rec room simulation - a bit of artistic license being taken to make it work, but that's what fic is for.)
Tags: pimping, slave!jensen
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