Hermine Kurotowa (herminekurotowa) wrote,
Hermine Kurotowa

Random stuff

° Someone wrote FREE THE CANNABIS on the dumbster in front of our apartment building. I'm wondering: are free-range cannabis healthier than the ones living in cages? Are cannabis birds? And what's the singular - cannaby?


° Yesterday, when I watched the Supernatural parody for the, uhm, thirteenth time, the little one was watching with me and she knew the guys on the screen. "Sam! Dean!" lol

° When she sneezes and I say "Gesundheit" ('Bless you'), she says 'Thank you'. *__*

° Big girl made a drawing of Misha. It turned out great, and she wants me to get it signed next week. I'll show you after. :)

°Poor hubby is not allowed to eat ANYTHING today, just drink a bit of watered-down apple juice. Tomorrow, he has a colonoscopy as a cancer check-up. He's not happy about it, but he's very brave. *pets him*

° I finished Kim Rhodes' gifts (one for her girl, one for her). Osric's will take only another day (I hope), then I'll show you. :B

° We attented the Japan Day yesterday. The weather was awful. When there was sun, it was warm, but most of the time it was windy and cool and rainy. At some point, I could see my breath. -.- At two pm, we were soaked and went home to have some hot chocolate. Poor hubby had to go to work, though.

° I just changed my nightgown for some warm pyjamas, and today the weather forecaster says it will be 30°C on Wednesday. Maybe I should have done it earlier.
Tags: family and the rest of me, purgatory con
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