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Because I know there are some on my flist who are friends with this guy

Originally posted by angels_trap at This is the song that never eeeends, and it goes on and on and ooooon...

Sockboy, the fandom herpes that just won't leave the fandom alone in peace, also known as micamonroe or hundreds of other usernames, the known plagiarist, liar and thief, the one dangerous manipulator and psycho.

Not only is he apparently dead (something that perfectly fits into the common behavior patterns in people who exhibited Münchausen by Internet):
mica fake death

...but this is the third persona using that account to post something on "behalf" of somebody else (1. Mica, 2. Quay, 3. Zen) - how many people have access to your passwords/login information? It is not suspicious at all *sarcasm*
Let's not forget the hospital thing where the first thing the "boyfriend" did was to figure out "Mica's" login information and posting about it (because that's normal behaviour, right?) or that "Mica" wrote/co-wrote several long fics while in hospital and with only one working finger (and which turned out to be plagiarized) or how his "boyfriend" made art of him (and it was plagiarism and outright lie and art theft too).

But the nightmare of all nightmares? HE IS BACK! From fake LJ death to AO3.
That's right, Sockboy invaded AO3 and got an account. He posted the story "Dying for Love". I'm having trouble finding the original story which he plagiarized to make this but since he plagiarized published authors too I'm going to guess and say that this is one of them.
Sad or pissed off, I'm not even sure how I feel about this asshole being on AO3. At least with AO3 we know that every discovered piece of plagiarism will be reported and taken down pretty quickly. AO3 has strict rules about plagiarism and they act relatively quickly.

But more than this I am upset about people who still believe all his lies, who are genuine and get hurt without having a clue.
If you know any of these users let them know (they might be your friends or friends of friends):
decieved commenters0
decieved commenters1
decieved commenters2
decieved commenters 1 - k
decieved commenters 1
decieved commenters 2 - k
decieved commenters 2
decieved commenters 3
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