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Fic masterpost

made by milly_gal

General disclaimer: If I would own anything or anyone depicted in this work of fiction, believe me, I'd do other stuff. As it is, I only borrow faces and names of persons to play with them.

The Flight of the Phoenix
Summary: Rockstar Jensen meets classical music fan Jared. The ensuing sex may be hot, but it also causes some awfully cheesy love songs on Jensen's next album.
Warnings: none, there's just fluff
Sequel: Rhythm of my Heart
Summary: This is not The Bodyguard. Jensen's a rockstar and Jared's in love with him. Misha's a bodyguard and there's a stalker threatening Jared, but this is not a movie.Warnings: angst, angst, angst

Point out the Road
Summary: There are three persons in the diner. One is dead, one is wielding a gun, and if Jared would talk, he could tell you that this was just a day in the office when he was young.
Warnings: A dead body and some vague descriptions of hard lives, mute!Jared. Jensen's supposed to be a hard-boiled criminal, but we all know he isn't, don't we?

The Pie that Binds
Summary: Jensen lives in the woods. He'd never thought his sweet tooth could get him into trouble so deep he might drown in it. Jared lives in a palace of stone because he's the king, but he's not very good at it.
Warnings: kidnapping, slavery, non-consensual drug use, most dubious consent due to drug use, attempted rape, hurt!Jensen, hurt!Jared

A Long, Quiet River
Summary: Jensen meets Jared in unluckiest circumstances - as a kidnap victim. But who is the kidnapper?
Warnings: hurt!Jensen, violence, mention of rape and murder, non-consentual use of drugs, kidnapping

Life on Mars - Masterpost
Summary: Jared would never have thought it was possible to find a soul mate in a state-owned brothel, but when he does, it will turn everyone's world upside down. But it's common knowledge that soul mates happen for a reason.
Warnings: hurt!Jared, hurt!Jensen, institutionalised prostitution, underage prostitution, A/B/O dynamics, no knotting, mention of and implied non-con, non-consensual drugging, mention of mpreg. I can't think of more warnings, so just assume everything's implied somehow.

The Moon and the Truth
Beautiful banner made by milly_gal
Summary: I like to think the moon is here even if I am not looking at it. - Albert Einstein
Warnings: hurt!Jensen, violence, torture, minor character death, more hurt!Jensen, werewolves
Sequel: The King of Pain and Hurt

Smoke and Mirrors
Summary: Jensen would gladly change places with Jared if he could. Jared likes Jensen where he is.
Warnings: institutionalised slavery, evil!Jared, slave!Jensen

Summary: Fierce warlord Jared is in love with a man he can't remember. When they meet, he learns more about some secrets than he ever thought possible.
Warnings: post-mpreg, amnesia!Jared, hurt!Jared, bottom!Jensen, bad description of awesome sex

The Crown Resurrected - Masterpost
Summary: Jared and Jensen are both noble princes. But while Jared is the successful conqueror, Jensen is mistaken for a bed slave. He is stripped of his past and thrown into a present full of pain and hurt. And his future will only bear death and destruction.
Jared is drawn to the mysterious man in his bedroom. He could use him, but doesn't want to; he wants to love him, but dares not to touch him. He tries to save his live, but instead Jared hurts him worse than ever. Maybe, though - maybe together they can heal each other.
Warnings: hurt!Jensen, slavery, torture, implied child abuse, mention of castration and rape

Autumn Empire - Masterpost
Summary: Jared is successful, a fierce warrior and a loyal subject. His life is empty, though. When he finds real love for the first time, it's with the man of all people he has to destroy.
Warnings: suicidal ideation, suspected suicide attempt, self-harm, self-mutilation

Bread and Blood - Masterpost
Summary: Jensen is a nice guy. He's kind and attentive, and there's a room in his apartment for his cats and bunnies he's occasionally feeding from. He works as a hooker for Frederic Lehne though he's badass when it comes to defending his ass against sleazy clients. That's one of the secrets he wants to tell his boyfriend Jared but he never has occasion to do it before he gets seriously hurt. A furious Jensen - even when naked - is something you better don't want to witness.
A little wooden toy cowboy is all Jared has left from his family. He falls for Jensen head over heels and even comes to terms with him working the streets - it makes for the best blow jobs, after all. Unfortunately, he will not get to know his other, bigger secret in this story - being shot at and lying in a coma is pretty obstructive.
Warnings: Hooker!Jensen, discussion of suicide, blow jobs, bloodplay, facial, handcuffs, BAMF!Jensen, naked!BAMF!Jensen, hurt!Jared, drugging, attempted non-con, schmoop. And no porn, earnestly.
No bunnies were seriously harmed in the writing of this fic.

Timestamp: The Red and the White

The true Meaning of Bedspreads
Summary: What happens when Jared gets hungry.
Warnings: schmoop, crack, too many calories

Close your Eyes (So you don't feel them)
Summary: Jared is a hooker, Jensen is a drunkard. And it's getting worse.
Warnings: hooker!Jared, suicidal!Jensen, homophobia like whoa, homophobic language, Jensen whumpage, torture, minor character death

Tags: fic, masterpost
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