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Something I wondered

Originally posted by herminekurotowa at Something I wondered

A few days ago, I learned that there are countries where you can't buy fandom related stuff. It's not possible to order overseas because of horrendous shipping costs so fans don't have DVDs of their favourite TV show, let alone t-shirts or jewelry.

On the other hand, there are surely a lot of fans who just bought blue-rays so they don't need the DVDs anymore, who moved on to another fandom and don't want to wear certain t-shirts, or they got a poster twice for their birthday.

Now I thought: how about a community where you can offer all the stuff you don't need/want and where you can ask for stuff others would have buried in the attic otherwise.

It wouldn't be about money (maybe about the shipping costs), but about helping another fan out.

What do you think?
Tags: my flist is the best, pimping
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