Hermine Kurotowa (herminekurotowa) wrote,
Hermine Kurotowa

The Adventures of a Bunny in Rome

Holy fridge, I just blinked and it's Saturday already!

So I survived one day of Jibland4, the whole of Jib10, the Monday night concert and two days of walking through the city, but it took me about two days to recuperate.

They announced a strike for Tuesday when my flight was scheduled. First, it was announced for the 17th, when many fans were arriving, but they moved the date to the 21st, when many of them were leaving. I refused to rebook my flight at my own expense, hoping I could fly with a delay in the evening. In the end, they apparently moved the strike date to June, which left the Italian airlines striking that day, not the ground crew (but I don't know about this for sure). My Eurowings flight was perfectly in time, but I know of British Airline flights that got cancelled.

Our lovely amberdreams recorded a few panels and the whole of the Monday concert, that you can find here. You can find more videos here, provided by kreespa.

I survived Saturday morning when I felt like puking before the single photo ops, and Sunday when I felt like AAAAHHHHHH after the J2 double. Also, I didn't die during the concert when rockstar!Jensen was rocking the stage.

I met many friends, old and new ones, and fell in love with Ricky Whittle (new) and Sebastian Stan and Tom Ellis (again). I had pizza and pasta and way too little gelato, and bent my earrings out of shape that I got complimented on for the past years.

So these are my single Jared and Jensen photo ops. If you remember, I had a similar one with Gil McKinney last year.



Then there is my J2 double. I wanted to have a picture with the Winchesters, but only hugs were allowed. So I said they could hug a dementor. Jared totally blew that windmill.


I only got one other op because I just had to hug the stuffing out of Tom Ellis. Love it (and him). And he's wearing glasses!!! *swoons*


And then there was this incredible coincidence that Rick Worthy, the Alpha Vampire, was at the con hotel! I happened to have his picture, that he signed in 2013, in my bag, and of course I had to tell him when he was walking down the hallway. Incredulously, he said, Show me, and I did. :DDD

He said he remembered my pretty face, but I said he more likely remembered my big belly since I was heavily pregnant during that con.

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