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This is weird.

I haven't been on LJ for a week. Am still owing you pictures from my vacation. I don't do it on purpose, I promise, it's just...happening.

In the mornings, I work on my reversebang (it is soooo sloooowww going), during the day I tell myself there's still the evening, and in the evenings, I fall asleep too early. *sighs*

At least, last week I had a good excuse (the best!) since dizzojay was visiting and I did stuff I never did before, like a sight seeing bus tour - that was fun! We also did a boat ride, which made me seriously pissed off because they mentioned THE landmark we were going by with NOT A SINGLE WORD. Seriously, how can one not mention the Eiffel tower when speaking of Paris, or the Buckingham Palace when referring to London?

Last Sunday, junkerin dropped in for a couple of hours. She had asked me if I'd make historic costumes for her and her friends, and decided to give me the patterns and fabrics in person. I was a bit worried if she was okay to go three hours by car (she's still battling cancer), but I thought if she felt up to it, I could't tell her no. Even though she's a fighter and a survivour, seeing her made my heart bleed.

Also I kinda watched the first season of Spartacus (which doesn't help with internet time when you spend it in front of the TV). I can seriously say I watch it for the plot as I can't even enjoy all those half-naked or fully-naked male bodies from behind my fingers. I mean, there IS too much blood and gore and violence, and I seriously doubt life in the Roman Empire was like it's depicted in the show.

So I tried another show yesterday, Van Helsing. I made it through almost two episodes because boring. That's why I decided to finally rewatch Arrow (only know the first two seasons) and fell asleep during the second episode. Well, okay, it was already 11pm, but I thought half-naked Stephen Amell would keep me awake :/

And, finally, here are the pics from my vacation.

This is the view from the kitchen window. It was facing South and had a great view over the dunes.

This is the view from the dunes towards the town. Our holiday home was a bit left to the water tower

The sea is right next to that high building (a hotel) on the left. We had a great time, weather was fine enough to even go for a swim.

Unfortunately, we won't be able to go back to that apartment since it has been sold, but if we decide to go back to Zandvoort next year, we now know where the advertised apartments are.

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