Hermine Kurotowa (herminekurotowa) wrote,
Hermine Kurotowa

Con report pt. 1

The things I did today: took a nap, washed three loads of laundry, ate too many strawberries with whipped cream, was glued to Facebook.

I had a blast!

I sold all the bags I got signed in Rome and those I made for Purcon. The ladies were so happy about them, that I got sad I only had such a small amount.

So here they are:

Upper row. left to right: Benny, Lucifer, Charlie
Middle row: Henry Winchester, Death, Garth
And Abbadon

I made zip pouches for everybody because I ran out of time and ideas.

Alaina brought two of her kids, but I didn't know. So I searched my drawer and found a little stuffed dog I made two years ago for A16 and a little Doctor Who zip pouch. I gave those to her and her girls and they were very pleased :)

I video'ed one of Gil's songs at his concert,but LJ doesn't let me upload. I'll share as soon as I can. The concert was great, though way too short. I got Gil's EP, but he wasn't allowed to sign it :(

At Purcon, there are always double panels - Ty/DJ, Alaina/Julian, Alex Barima/Mark P. The only solo panel was Mark Sheppard's, and he was in such a good mood, I think I never saw so many photo ops with him smiling or even *gasps* laughing.

It's hard to find videos online since it's forbidden to film and everyone obeys. I still found a nice video here. Maybe there will be more later.

Em dressed up for the cocktail party on Saturday night. She wore a nice new jacket (you'll catch her wearing a dress only over her cold dead body) and looked quite dapper until a waiter spilled a glass of champagne over her back. Luckily, she could change into a hoody. But of course she was quite the butt of jokes, especially Mark S. teased her half the time. (He said it was fun, but I still could have hit him with my fan.)

Ty brought a glass with a penis straw, that he snatched at an other table. I said I didn't mind him telling dirty jokes if he explained them to Em. So he started denoting the plastic penis' parts (that I already know due to fanfiction :P).

I had a meet & greet with Julian Richings - such a sweet guy - and Alex Barima. He's the demon Drexel in three episodes, he's also so sweet! (He hugged me when I gave him his present at the autograph session and guess what happened? NOTHING! Because there's no differences between people's skins beside those you give them.)

On Saturday was a raffle with Ty and DJ (Em won a photo op with Mark P.) and on Sunday a charity auction which made 3480 euros to the benefit of the humane society.

Someone brought her Impala named Pie just so pictures could be taken. I sadly missed the times when the hood and the trunk stood open, but I heard the driver's door creak! There was a green cooler, the cassette tapes, and fake badges - so cool!

That's enough for today, you'll get some photo ops tomorrow.
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