Hermine Kurotowa (herminekurotowa) wrote,
Hermine Kurotowa

100 Days of Something - 16


Sorry I missed yesterday's post :(

I was writing and fixing my Big Bang in the morning and I SENT IT OFF EARLY!!!! I wouldn't have made it without jdl71 's help - seriously, you're a star! I also had help from junkerin and milly_gal and everybody that kept encouraging me.

I just finished in time to run some errands through the afternoon and came back in time to start cooking, which consisted mostly of chopping veggies because we had tortilla wraps. Yummy!

Then I had to watch Star Wars - The Force Awakens with my husband because he insisted. He just bought the newest franchise (Star Wars 8, I don't even remember the name) after waiting four months for the Blu ray release and wants to watch it with me. I'd be happy waiting for it to air on TV, but Mr. Fantastic is like a little boy when it comes to Star Wars (not episodes 1-3, though). So I watched space ships and Kylo Ren getting his ass kicked until 11.30pm.

I went to bed with my laptop at 11.35 to get my entry posted, and fell asleep three minutes later. 'sighs*
Tags: 100 days, bigbang 2018
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