Hermine Kurotowa (herminekurotowa) wrote,
Hermine Kurotowa

100 Days of Something - 8

A Fan is Born

I don't remember when Supernatural was aired on German TV for the first time. Occasionally I saw it in the TV magazine and, reading the synopsis, thought, Sounds interesting, but it's the middle of the season, you won't know a thing about it.

Then, in 2010/11, I happened upon the show on pay TV (that was when we still had it) a couple of times. It was always the same episode, The Usual Suspects, and I always watched only a few minutes, thinking, Looks interesting, but you don't know a thing about this show.

In the spring of 2011, I happenend upon Everybody Loves a Clown. I watched it from the beginning and fell asleep ten minutes before the end. Since I wanted to know how it ended, I streamed the episode.

Then I streamed the next one and then the rest of season 2.

Then I wanted to know the beginning, so I streamed season 1 and every available season.

On 21 May 2011, I had finished deasons 1-5 and was browsing the internet for everything Supernatural. I found conventions, I found a convention in Germany. I found J2 were on said convention, just a few hours away, and I WAS NOT THERE! I ran through the apartment screaming.

I asked my husband whether I could go if there was another con the next year (it was more like I NEED TO GO!!!!), and he said, Yeah okay. So that started my con addiction.

I never knew about fanfiction. It's Supernaturalwiki's fault because they have links to fanfics. I fell in a rabbit hole and awoke in Winchesterland.

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