Hermine Kurotowa (herminekurotowa) wrote,
Hermine Kurotowa

100 Days of Something - 3

So this was meant to be.

meus_venator posted a link to her Tumblr so I went there. Hitting the Random Page button three times took me to a three years old post announcing the publishing of sylsdarkplace 's Ashen Moon, wich reminded me that I never bought that book. Bad fangirl.

Since I don't like buying ebooks on Amazon, I googled the book and easily found it on sale on Extasybooks. And she wrote another one I didn't know about! And MV's book is there too! And they have a sale going on throough 15 April, which is today!

So I had to spend 20 dollars on already discounted books to get a new customer discount (which is practically the German VAT) and now I have seven new ebooks I can't wait to read!

Guess what I will be doing today? Yes, cleaning the kitchen. Urgh.

BTW, German VAT. We have a regular VAT of 19% on everything. There's also a reduced one of 7% on necessary goods, like food. Apples are 7% VAT, apple juice is 19%. You understand the gist? It's mostly random.

So regular books in hard copies are 7%, ebooks are 19%. So when I order ebooks on American sites, I have to add 19%, which is okay because it's legal since I could download on pirate sites if I wanted to avoid it. It's also annoying, but who am I telling?

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