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Hashtag Christmas Lines

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Just for fun, let's share a Christmas themed line, or three, from one of our fics (or original fiction).
Tag and pass it on. :D

Well, I don't have anything Christmas-y in my fics... I think I just go with a non-Christmas present.

Deeming it the right time, he starts Operation Bicycle. Once he knows what Jared needs, it's pretty easy to buy a new bike for his boyfriend. It's only a little effort to make it look like an older one, some scratches, a little dirt. Jared's face is worth the trouble.

What's that?” he asks incredulously.

I'd reckon it's a bike, dude.”

Jared rolls his eyes. “I know that it's a bike. What do you want with it?”

Jensen can't stifle a smug grin. “It's for you. It came to my mind that I stored it. I don't use it, that's why I want you to have it.”

It's for me? Jensen. I-I can't...”

Yes, you can. I want you to have it.”

Jared's hazel eyes are big and shining with unshed tears. It's a sight to break anybody's heart, and Jensen is no exception.

Oh, come here,” he says, holding him tight. Jared's odor is fresh like a summer rain. “The bike's for you, really.”

I'm gonna pay you back.” Jared says, pressing his face against Jensen's shoulder.

No need to. I just want to see you happy, and I know that you need a bike to go visit your dad. I really don't need it, but you do.”

I don't remember who already got tagged,so I'm tagging andiivalo, deanshot and junkerin.
Tags: christmas, meme
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