Hermine Kurotowa (herminekurotowa) wrote,
Hermine Kurotowa

Purcon update

The weekend was amazing!!!

The convention was so well organized (German efficiency!), I never missed a complete panel in favour of some photo ops. There where always double or triple panels, and always double photo shoots, so once inside the photo room, it only took five minutes to shoot two ops, and since they were announcing groups (like Standard 100 - 200), there was only little time to wait in queues.

I almost never had to use my fan because the panel room was exquisitely airconditioned. The only time I got hot (except for when I was squished by Matt and Gil) was during waiting for the autographs to beginn. Autographs sessions were in the early evening withh ALL the actors, so no one missed out anything due to queuing.

I had photos with everyone except for Sebastian; I'll show them later, I'm just too lazy right now and it's too hot to move. Since I didn't take pictures of the panels, you can look at some beautiful pics here.

Kim, Ruth and Brianna were absolutely stunning and brilliant; I had M&Gs with Kim and Brianna, and both didn't talk about a spin-off, that's not shot yet, with a main cast of five female characters. Kim confirmed my assumption that her cussing is her giving a shit about women being expected to be silent and coy. Since in English cussing is obscene (opposed to German, where it's vulgar), she says cussing 'Fuck' means giving women sexuality. I was (again) very mature and said something deep and meaningful, and Kim said I was an awesome mom :))))

Sebastian was his usual inapprobriate self, and his poor panel mate Gil had to bear his shenanigans.

Rob and Rich were amazing, and Matt was just scrumptious!

They made an auction in favour of the Humane Society and sold Gil's copy of Family Don't End With Blood (with his notes and signatures of every guest) for 450 euros! O.O Richard's two-dick shirt (he was wearing it the day before, and Matt was wearing it over his legs like some trousers during the auction, hence two Dicks) was a bargain for 160 euros.

Everyone was happy about their presents (pic will follow, promise). Rob hugged me because he was so happy, and Kim was elated to get another dress for her daughter. She called me awesome mom again and wrote my Twitter handle on her arm. Now she's following me.

Kim Fucking Rhodes follows me on Twitter O.O

Tags: my life is perfect, purgatory con
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