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I don't have much time online because the wifi is wonky and slow and annoying and I don't have a smartphone and need to sit down in the lobby with my laptop and I usually am on Facebook to get news about changes in the con schedule or stuff and sadly don't have time for you guys which I'm so sorry about, but this morning, the unimaginable happened:

I aked a question at Jared's solo panel!!!!!!!!!

Which actualy was n't a question, but the story of [personal profile] amberdreams ' dirty mind (which we're all also guilty of, I think). I think I told you about the story already last year, but I wantedto tell it toJared too, because it's hilarious and he can use some laughs.

So I skipped breakfast and queued early enough to get in line for questions and really got to talk to him. I said,

"Last year, i had a M&G with you and was asking about your hats. The next day, after the jailbreak concert, my friends and me were telling stories and I said, I had a Meet & Greet with Jared and asid, 'I love your beanies.' One of my friends was scandalized. 'What ??? What did you say??? I LOVE YOUR PENIS???' "

That's was [personal profile] amberdreams .

Everybody, including Jared, cracked up. I think he was kinda mortified. I don't know. ROFL.

Then I said, "She's not even ashamed of her dirty ears.Or her dirty mind." Which lead to me reminding him to always wash his ears. Or other body parts. "Don#t make me use my mom voice towash your ears!"

Everything will be on Youtube soon, I'm sure, so you'll see the sass I have sometimes! *SMUG GRIN*

I feel so accomplished, my life is perfect now.
Wait there's more to it!

I just had a Meet & Greet with Jensen, and he wasn't there yet, so we joked around a bit. He enters the room, asking, "What are you laughing abou?" I reply, "I was just wondering if your ears are clean."
He's like, "What? Why?" and  I say, "Just ask Jared to tell you."

And now, dear friends, since I was sitting right NEXT TO him for twenty minutes and am still alive to tell, I can confirm that Jensen's hair is dark blond, NOT light brown, it's the same colour like the hairs on his arms; and there's a small dimple above the right corner of his mouth when he's talking. (I don't know about the left side, though.)

I had a fan (that [personal profile] justmep2  gave to me together with a Wayward AF t-shirt) lying on the table, and Jensen grabs it and fans himself. When he puts it back, I say, "You know I have your DNA now, I can clone you." He says, "GOOD!" because he's exhausted because of different reasons, like his kids, and the Australian convention. And then he's answering question about directing and stunts,and I'm staring at him, trying not to jump his gorgeous bones.

At least, I would have liked to lick him. sadly, it didn't happen because I'm a good fangirl.

And now it's only half an hour until my Jared M&G. And I'm thinking how I can make him suffer even more about the ear thing. *evil cackle*

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