Hermine Kurotowa (herminekurotowa) wrote,
Hermine Kurotowa

Carpe Diem

I know it's only about three weeks until Purgatory Con, but this is a suggestion for the spontaneous ones:

There are still quite a lot of tickets available - officially, the con is sold out, but people can sell their tickets right until the event begins. You can get a standard ticket for 100 € (instead of 169), a silver ticket for 280 € (instead of 399) and a VIP ticket for 1.099 € (I'm sure you can bargain about the price, too).

In the official Facebook Purgatory Convention group, there's a file where you can choose from all the offers. If you need more incentives, look here.  (The webshop is closed now, so you can't order there, but there still are autographs and photo ops (and quite some M&Gs) left that you can buy at the venue.)

Tags: purgatory con
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