Hermine Kurotowa (herminekurotowa) wrote,
Hermine Kurotowa

More merry Christmas

So finally, here are all the lovely cards I got from my lovely ladies :))))


Back row. from left to right: xlittleangx, meus_venator, jj1564, m14mouse, dizzojay, and deanshot.
Front row: milly_gal, stellamira, and andiivalo.

Thank all of you so much for these wonderful paper hugs ❤ (And seriously, the picture looked way less blurry when I took it. *sighs*)

And then there was amberdreams' letter that made me squee way too loud.


Look at the beautiful scarf she sent me! *u* I love it so much. THANK YOU, honey!

junkerin gave me a 'Family has your back' t-shirt in size XL, which means it fits Em perfectly and I dont get my hands on it except for washing it LOL Thank you, Schatzi, she's very happy about it.

And soncnica, the chocolate was delicious!!!

We had a very nice Christmas Eve; K loved her gifts and only ate half a bread roll and half of her dessert for dinner because she had to play with them :))) (In Germany, gifts are exchanged on Christmas Eve around 6pm. Though we also know Santa Claus in parts of Germany, it's the Christkind - the angel of Christmas - attending to my family.)

Yesterday, nobody did ANYTHING! Mr. Fantastic hung out in front of the computer, and I watched Big Hero 6, Zootopia, and Ice Age 4 with the kids. I ate so much that I didn't have the brain power to do more than browse LJ so I owe comments to just, like, everyone :B

Let's see if I can scramble up some brains that didn't turn to pasta.

And this is who what I watched yesterday night.

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