Hermine Kurotowa (herminekurotowa) wrote,
Hermine Kurotowa

My offer for Kathy's fanwork auction

I'm offering fandom handbags for bt_kady's auction :)

The easiest fandoms are Supernatural, Harry Potter, Captain America, Firefly, Doctor Who, but actually, I can make a bag for any fandom using quotes (though I intend to get some GoT designs, if there's demand). They're made of black denim on the outside and a theme fitting lining; the bag includes three pockets, a big one and two smaller inside pockets, and it's closed with a zipper. I usually have a design on the outside and a quote on the inside of the flap. Sometimes, it's vice versa :)

One bag is 25 USD. I offer free shipping, though I'd be happy if I could send multiple bags in one parcel to a person who'd distribute them to their respective buyers (because it's not cheap to send to the United States). You can choose any design I'm able to make; if you want, I send pics so you can give your okay.

Unfortunately, I can't start working on those bags until January :(

Here are a few examples:

Bag 6 On the Road.JPG Bag 6 Baby.JPG

Bag 5 Fear no Evil.JPG Bag 5 Devil's Trap.JPG

Bag 4 Winchesters.JPG Bag 4 Hunters Plaid.JPG

Bag 3 Harry Potter.JPG Bag 3 Gryffindor Colours.JPG

Bag 2 The Name of the Doctor.JPG Bag 2 Bigger on the Inside.JPG

Bag 1 One Word.JPG Bag 1 Bobby.JPGP1190844.JPG
Tags: pimping
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