Hermine Kurotowa (herminekurotowa) wrote,
Hermine Kurotowa

J2 reversebang reveal

The only things I now about the US, I know through TV, movies and fanfiction so I couldn't claim the mob boss!AU *pouts* Also, I can't write explicit porn, so another enticing prompt ruled itself out. *pouts*

There were so many wonderful sci fi/fantasy prompts, though, I'd have had a hard time deciding if it wasn't for the first prompt. You know, werewolves, hurt!Jensen... who could resist!

After the first second of looking, my muse screamed SEQUEL! And I was lucky enough to get it!

Guess who's the brilliant artist! bluefire986! I bet she set this whole community up just to get me to write a sequel to The Moon and the Truth. LMAO

Tags: happyhappy, reversebang
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