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[sticky post] Fic masterpost

made by milly_gal

I think there's so much stuff here, anyone who would like to read my fics could use a masterpost.

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100 Days of Something - 39

K's birthday was on Friday. She's 5 now, as everybody knows that met her in the past three days.

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Happy Birthday JJ!

Dear jj1564, every day is special, but today is especially special. Hope you have fun and sun and love for the next 355 days.


Happy Birthday raloria!

Dear raloria, wishing you a very wonderful birthday and many more to come! Hopefully, the next 355 days will be quite as wonderful.

I found some pics for you :)))) Enjoy!

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100 Days of Something - 38

Money money money

Ordered tickets for Purcon 5 today. Half of the Vip, Gold and Silver tickets and the first section (out of eight) of standard tickets went on sale at 6 pm. 20 minutes later, everything save the day tickets were gone.

I didn't get Gold as I wanted :(( Em and I now have two wonderful Silver tickets :)))

I'll try for Gold later when they sell the second batches and then sell the Silver ones :))) Great plan!

100 Days of Something - 37

Did you know?

David Haydn-Jones has an account on AO3.

There's exactly one very short story called The Ketchacabra, which is supposed to help promote David's Ketchacabra merchandise.

And I found another nice vlog with impressions from Purgatory here on Youtube.

100 Days of Something - 36

It's online!

Mr Fantastic put the Japan Day video online, it's here. If you're interested, go see my husband's shenanigans :)))))


100 Days of Something - 35

Can someone tell Supernaturalwiki?

According to Mark Pellegrino, the surname of Lucifer's first vessel is Ubrimowitz.

After eight years, we know Nick Ubrimowitz' full name.


Con report pt. 1

The things I did today: took a nap, washed three loads of laundry, ate too many strawberries with whipped cream, was glued to Facebook.

I had a blast!

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That's enough for today, you'll get some photo ops tomorrow.

Happy Birthdays!!!!

This is a fly-by post to wish amberdreams and julchen11 very happy birthdays!

I actually made it to finish all the bags and gifts in time, then went to register for Purcon in the afternoon. Now I'm home for a quick bite for dinner, kiss the kids goodbye and leave for a concert with Gil :))))

I don't even have time to upload the pictures I took of the fabulous bags I made or search for brilliant gifs for the birthday girls :((( So please just imagine the most magnificent pic spam you've ever seen here.

Love, Mina


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