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[sticky post] Fic masterpost

made by milly_gal

General disclaimer: If I would own anything or anyone depicted in this work of fiction, believe me, I'd do other stuff. As it is, I only borrow faces and names of persons to play with them.

Hope you like itCollapse )


Guess where I am now!


I'm in Berlin for a few days, with the kids and one of my sisters-in-law. Em wanted to attend a BTS concert, but couldn't get a ticket, so we decided to go anyway.

It's just enough time to visit the obvious landmarks. Yesterday, we already did a sightseeing tour by bus and went to a flea market, walking down Bernauer Straße. There are markings all over the city indicating the route of the Wall; on Bernauer Straße, they built new houses right where people jumped out of the windows to get to the West sector, right before the wall was erected, and where they shot people trying to flee from the GDR.

We want to go to the KaDeWe today, not spending any money there, and to the Museum of Illusions, and then see what other things we can do.

100 Days of Something - 58

Do you know how pigeons are born?

The story starts Wednesday.

On our way home from kindergarten, K notices pigeon feathers on the floor. We come to the conclusion that there must be a naked bird because a man scared it so much that it lost all of its feathers.

Yesterday morning, she finds more feathers on the pavement. She thinks they should be put into earth like seeds. I say, Then a tree grows out of the feather, with pigeons on it.

So breeding birds is easy. You just bury some feathers and a tree grows. When the pigeons are ripe, they fly away.

Happy Birthday stir!

Wishing a very happy birthday to a most lovely lady, dear stir_of_echoes!
Hope you have a great time!!!


Stupid fridging BBC

So finally, there's a new series of Doctor Who (and a woman! Whoot!).

The good thing is, you can stream it on BBC's iPlayer.

The bad thing is, it only works for British IP addresses.

Easy, we just need a proxy or VPN to pretend having a British address.

Em managed to sign into the iPlayer when we didn't have time to watch, but it never worked again. (I almost think she signed up for the livestream.) Since Monday, we tried to find a VPN with enough data in their free account to watch an episode because we don't want to pay two years of VPN for a 10 episode show.

I could buy it on Amazon, but we have Netflix, which kept back season 10 for the past two years. (I hope they'll have it soon, now that they show it on free TV.) May take another two years, though, for season 11. *sighs*

(I don't want Amazon TV, they already know enough about us as it is.)

Watching shows legally sucks.


Happy Birthday theymp!

Happy birthday, theymp! Hope you had the bestest day today and wishing for many more to come!






and guess who will be there!


100 Days of Something - 57

What is this fridgery?

(Watched Solo - A Star Wars Story with Mr Fantastic yesterday night and then fell asleep, just so you know why I didn't post yesterday.)

I'm sniffing and sneezing AGAIN, so I thought Universe wanted to console me by sending a FB friend yesterday who wanted me to make a Henry Winchester bag. Then another friend asked for a bag and since she's going to leave for VanCon and Austin soon, I'll swap the bag for a FBB t-shirt :))))

Alas, I was wrong.

Today, we went to my brother-in-law's for his birthday. My other BIL gave us a ride. While I was strapping K into her car seat from the outside, he thought I were in the car, too, WHICH i WASN'T, and he started driving.

The fridging idiot drove over my foot.

The car stood three seconds on my right foot until BIL noticed that I wasn't yelling for fun.

Thank god I didn't break any bones, but I don't want to know how my toenails may look like in a couple of weeks.


100 Days of Something - 55

I must be crazy

I just bought about 220 embroidery designs because one of my favourite sites (they design for geeks) has a sale. I bought two grab bags which are already heavily discounted and usually cost 100 dollars each. This week, they go for 20 dollars. Most of the designs are 3 or 4 bucks, some are 2 or 5.

So I paid 40 dollars for more than 200 embroidery files, worth roughly 800 dollars.



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