Amazing amberdreams made this brilliant art which I'm sure you already saw a whole year ago!

AMB Dean.jpg

She asked me to make her a dress, which I happily did. She send me the fabric she wanted and I got to keep the leftover pieces. They were big enough for a tunika for myself, WHICH I'M WEARING RIGHT NOW, and now I have this briliant piece of art, too!!!!

Thank you so much, my dear ❤

You come here often?

I was missing this.

Not being drunk, but talking to you guys. I mean, being drunk is awwwwwwesome, I definitely don't am as often as I should be in these times. Also, fuck grammar.

I had the usual bottle of red wine with dinner (I always share a bottle with my husband because my love for him is bigger than my love for wine) and a half litre bottle of English cider. There's French cider, which is way more less expensive, and British cider, which will be even more expensive in the future due to this Brexit shit, and German apple wine, which is like cider, but whithout the sparkling and I don't like it much. So I have to pay 2,30 euros for half a litre of my favourite alcohol, right next to wine.

I think this is very important, talking about my drinking habits.

Also, it's important to note that I';m watching Deadpool 2 on TV and of course missed the first thirty minutes, as usual. Am never able to start a movie at the beginning due to dinner on weekends.

Does this sound like we don't have dinner on weekdays?

Good Morning! It's 8.15

The only things I did this morning (I got up 45 minutes ago, at 7.30 which means I actually slept reallllly long) was drinking coffee (very important), playing Candy Crush Friends (also very important), and running the dish washer (a bit important, but I was running out of clean plates and I don't like eating off the table :DDD).

I feel very accomplished since I finally tackled the task of writing Christmas cards yesterday night. I wrote 27 cards and am still not finished - I need to buy more cards! So if you are not on my list, send me your address, I don't mind sending a couple of cards more.

You know why I'm proud of writing cards late? Beause last year, I didn't write any! And I'm still sorry about it :(

Just a sec, I need another cup of coffee

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